Stop staring at a blinking cursor & create emails that convert


Do you have a class idea you want to launch online, but you're held up with all the WORDS you'll have to write in order to be able to communicate what you're trying to say?

Do you wish people would just SHOW UP to your live calls, without you having to put too much effort into the automated email sequences that just take up so much of your time?

Hey, I'm Carrie Anderson: I'm a Content Marketer, Business Coach, and Launch Tech Strategist whose mission is to help more women show up as their best selves at home & online.

I've written thousands of emails for my clients, explaining in very simple terms how their students can connect and interact with their content, and now I'm so excited to share with you the same email templates I use for my super-successful clients, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you teach online.


Customizable Email Templates for the Online Mentor


With These Email Templates, You Will...

Show Up with CLARITY

Your clients want to feel like you've thought through all the details, so they can relax knowing you've got them. Using these email templates will give them all the details they need to know in a clear, easy-to-understand format.

ELIMINATE Writer's Block

No more overthinking or wondering what to write about. With these email templates, all you have to do is customize a few details (like linking the Zoom room and changing the dates), and you'll be all set for your best and easiest launch ever!

Save HOURS of Time

These templates are based off the exact same emails I use with all my marketing clients. I've made it simple and quick to find the email you're needing, make a few edits to make it work for you, then schedule it to send to your audience.

"Carrie is the queen of automation and email marketing. If Carrie is involved, I know I can trust completely in the strategy and setup to flow. As a fellow Gemini, I deeply value her communication and writing skills. If you are looking to build or improve on your email funnel, look no further. Every business needs a Carrie."

Digital Marketing Expert & Intuitive Business Coach, Founder of Authentic Audience

Here's How This Works...

After you check out, you'll be sent a link to a Google Doc that includes:

  • 6 sales email templates that will allow you to plug and play with your voice and content, so you can quickly and painlessly create emails your customers can’t wait to click through and sign up from!
  • Every email needed for your webinar and class sequences, so you can make sure attendees know exactly how to join you when it’s time, without the headache of trying to remember which details to include!
  • Notes about which emails to send when and tips for making your emails more engaging — it’ll be like having a launch manager on your team!
  • Sooooo many insider tips and tricks to make your emails convert! (Consider this your 'email launch bible' — you may even want to print it out and read it like a book!)
  • BONUS: A jam-packed launch glossary, filled with 25+ different launch terms, so you can push past the complicated lingo and know exactly what you’re talking about in every marketing meeting you sit in on!

About Your Launch Copywriter

Hey, I'm Carrie And. I'm a Business Coach & Launch Tech Strategist with a passion for helping women show up as their best selves at home & online.

I've been working with small business owners & entrepreneurs for my entire career, helping them call in their students to teach sold-out classes online, and now I'm excited to help YOU do the same.

In my free time, I’m obsessed with journaling, essential oils, and chasing around my super-smart toddler.

"As someone growing my business, I didn't know all the ins and outs, and needed someone to guide me and assist. Carrie has a way of delivering the message in a clear, concise way; a way that someone like myself - technologically challenged - can simply follow and then make magic happen! She has a kindness about her that is matched with her patience...I had so many questions for her and she supplied me with endless answers and direction."


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this an online class?
No. This is not an online class; however, when you read through the templates and tips I've included, you'll learn a LOT about how to write high-converting, engaging emails.

Q: Who is this right for?
These templates were designed for anyone who has a desire to share their wisdom with others. They were primarily created with the idea that you'll be launching an online course or program, but they can be customized to launch your in-person retreat, your new product offer, your mastermind program, and everything in between!

Q: How exactly does it work?
After you check out, you'll be sent a link to a Google Doc that includes alllllll the goods, including sales email templates, every email needed for your webinar and class sequences, sooooo many insider tips and tricks to make your emails convert, plus a jam-packed launch glossary. (See the full list of emails here, or just scroll down a bit more on this page.)

You will have lifetime, 24/7/365 access to the templates, so even if you feel like you don't need these *now*, I highly recommend snagging them at this introductory rate, before I increase the price going forward!

Q: Will everyone else notice I'm using your emails?
Nope! While I got as close as possible to what you will want to send to your audience, they will still require some editing by you to make sure they feel like your voice, style, and content! You'll still want to get clear on what you're helping people with in your offer, and weave that messaging that only you can create into these emails. These templates will give you a HUGE head start to be able to know what kinds of information to share that will help convert your audience.

Q: What's the refund policy?
Because you get instant access to this set of email templates, no refunds will be given, so please shop mindfully!

Still have questions about this offer?
Email and my team will be happy to help!

Here's Everything You'll Get When You Sign Up...

  • Sales Emails: 6 customizable emails (Value: $997+)
  • Webinar Emails (Value: $497), including:
    - Invitation Email
    - Engagement Email
    - 24 Hour Reminder
    - 1 Hour Reminder
    - Starting Now
    - Replay
  • Class Emails (Value: $697), including:
    - Welcome to Class
    - Full Class Details
    - 1 Hour Reminder Before Live Classes
    - Follow-up Class Survey
    - BONUS: Class Survey Questions
  • Notes about which emails to send when — like having a launch manager on your team! (Value: $1200+)
  • BONUS: Glossary of launch terms (Value: Priceless!)
  • PLUS Access to any future updates added to the email templates in this series!

Total Value = Over $3,391+

Copy, Paste, Launch Regular Pricing = $497

Introductory Price = Only $222!

Ready to Rock Your Email Campaigns?

Take advantage of this limited time pricing by purchasing before May 10, 2022!

Even if you're not quite ready for them yet, you'll have lifetime access to these email templates to use when you're ready to launch, so don't miss out on the savings!