Online Marketing Virtual Assistant

Congratulations on taking the next step in your business and making the decision to hire help! Virtual Assistants can help grow your business in a variety of ways – you can find someone to help with everything from writing to research to answering your phone calls.

I help my clients with their online marketing tasks – email marketing, content marketing (including webinars, YouTube videos, blog posts, etc.), and online course launches.

Here’s a bit more about what we can do together:


I love helping clients with creating emails that drive conversions and hits to your website. Whether you need help creating a new sequence to welcome new subscribers and introduce them to your business, you want to create a set of sales funnel emails, or you just need help getting your newsletter out on a regular basis, I can help. I am an Infusionsoft expert and prefer using their service whenever possible, but I understand that they’re not always the right technology for every business. I’m also experienced with MailChimp and Constant Contact, and I’m open to learning whatever system you use already – I pick up technology really quick.


I can help you with all stages of the webinar process – from choosing the right service for you, to setting it up, to getting people registered, to live support on the call by introducing you and fielding the Q+A. You create the content (or let’s talk about how I can help with that, too), but don’t worry about the tech — I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.


Sharing content by video is where it’s at nowadays. YouTube continues to grow and is being visited by millions of people every day, and Facebook Live allows you to connect with your audience in a more spur-of-the-moment manner. But sharing by video is scary enough for many people – why worry about the technology behind it and how to get it seen by the right audience? I can help with broadcasting your message to the world.


Do you have an idea for a course that you want to share with your audience? I can help with everything from setting up the online classroom, to launching your product to a huge success.


Promote your course, product, or service in style with a custom designed sales page. I can help make your LeadPage convert.


This list is limited with the things I do the most, but it would be impossible for me to list out everything I can help with. If you have a project you don’t see listed here, contact me, pitch your idea, and I’ll tell you where I can help.

Carrie has the purchase neurontin can i get cytotec without a prescription? work ethic every business owner longs for. A self-starter, with a follow through style that means you never have to look back, all the computer skills that assure you you are covered, and an attitude that has endeared me to her forevermore.

Honestly, my business success has skyrocketed because I employed Carrie. She will far exceed any expectations you will have. Trust me: you will be lucky to have her on your team. What a gift she is.


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